About Us
Established  in  1979, Inman Industrial Electric, Inc. is a full service
Electrical  Contractor  specializing  in  heavy  industrial  and   large
commercial  projects  throughout  the southeast.   Our  affiliations
include  Member  of  N.E.C.A.,  Associated   Member  of   A.G.C.,
Associated Member of  N.E.T.A. as well as a signatory contractor  to  
Past and Present Customers
We are an approved industrial  electrical  contractor  for  Interstate  
Paper,  LLC.,   Great   Southern Wood Products, Absorption
Corporation, Georgia Pacific, Cemex, and Progress   Rail  
Company.   We  believe  we  have   all  the  qualifications  that   
would   meet  or  exceed  your requirements.   Our experience
encompasses a wide range of customers which includes Banks,
Hospitals, Saw Mills, Mulch Plants, Paper Mills, Pulp Mills, Waste
Water Treatment Plants, Theme Parks, Surface Mines which
include Titanium and Aggregate, Prisons, Jails, Multifamily
Housing Units to mention a few.
Our work force ranges from an  
average  of 50  employees to over
150  on  specific  projects.   Our
national labor pool allows us to
mobilize and man any project virtually
overnight.  Our  supervisors  
have  had  extensive training in all
aspects of the electrical industry
and are fully qualified to oversee any
projects we have.
K J Clark
Vice President
Herschell Hires
Project Managers
Mark Bacon    Mike Dupree
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